Hudson River Snapshot Day October 8, 2009


Day in the Life Salinity Activity


Day in the Life Fish Activity

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"A Day in the Life of the Hudson River"

On a day when approximately 300
0 students with teachers and education partners gathered data on the Hudson River the Autumn day was crisp, clear and windy! This event was all part of 'A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2009', or more affectionately known as SNAPSHOT DAY! A blow out tide had left extensive mud flats in many sampling sites. Would this have any effect on the data collected? A few student observations from Booker T. Washington follow:

• Glass shrimp’s tail felt and looked like real-glass- hard and see through and brittle. They had 2 eyes and antennas.  They were the size of my ring finger and didn’t move much.  
• The moon jellyfish were clear and almost invisible.  Their mouths are microscopic and they do not swim.  Since they are almost invisible, species swim into their mouths – that is how they catch their prey.  They look like a blob and felt like hand sanitizer, They are very slippery and hard to pick up.
• Silversides are silver and grey and are not bottom feeders.  They swim very fast and in a school.
•  Asian shore crabs looked like American crabs and they were red and white with 2 antennas and six legs.  Their heads are slightly larger than the American crabs of the same size.

Almanac Entry: Oct. 8th, 2009 - Garrison - The seventh grade students from Garrison Union Free School stood in the sun along the riverside, sleeves pulled over their hands, this cool and breezy morning. The temperature was soon forgotten when a summer flounder dropped out of the net and splashed into our tray. He startled the small, dark naked goby we had placed in a nearby jar just moments before.
Cathy Bakker, Kevin Keegan, Charley Wilkinson, Rich Anderson, Eric Lind
Images from the day - ppt or pdf version


Files By Topic (excel)

Files By Topic (pdf) Sites RM 300-Rm 28 Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf) Site Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf)
Sites & Participating Groups (word file) Sites & Participating Groups Riverside Park, Schuylerville RM182 RM182 Alpine Boat Basin RM18.5 RM18.5
Physical Factors Physical Factors Green Island Park, Green Island RM153 RM153

Clearwater, Alpine Boat Launch,boat based

RM18.5 water RM18.5 water
Tides Tides Rensselaer Riverfront Park RM144 RM144 Beczak, Yonkers Habirshaw Park





Currents Currents Henry Hudson Park RM138 RM138 Inwood Hill Park, Harlem River Harlem RM14 Harlem RM14

Salinity (student reported)

Schodack Island State Park RM133 RM133 Englewood Park, NJ RM13 RM13

Salinity standardized LDEO read

Salinity standardized LDEO read Stuyvesant Landing RM127 RM127 Sherman Creek, Harlem River

Harlem RM13b

Harlem RM13b

Chemistry (DO/pH/Nit/Phos/Alk)

Cohotate Preserve, Athens RM115 RM115

Swindler Cove Harlem River

Harlem RM13a Harlem RM13a
Fish Catch Fish Catch Saugerties Lighthouse RM102 RM102 Ft. Washington Park - PS 125 RM11.5 PM RM11.5 PM
Shipping Shipping Ulster Landing RM96.5 RM96.5 Ft. Washington Park - Thurgood Marshall Academy RM11.5 AM RM11.5 AM
Other Observations Other Observations Kingston Point RM92 RM92 150th Street Harlem River 10 Harlem River 10


Esopus Meadows, Ulster Park RM87 RM87 Barretto Point Park East River RM8 East River RM8
Chlorophyll webpage Norrie Point, Staatsburgh RM84.5 RM84.5 Hunts Point Park Bronx River 8 Bronx River 8
    Quiet Cove, Poughkeepsie RM78 RM78 Pier 96 RM5.5 RM5.5
    Waryas Park, Mid-Hudson Children's Museum RM76 RM76 Pier 95 RM5 RM5
  Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie RM76 RM76 The Intrepid RM4.1 RM4.1

Long Dock, Beacon

RM61E RM61E Pier 84 RM4 RM4
  Newburgh Landing RM61W RM61W Christopher Street Pier 45 - NYCSWD RM2.5 RM2.5
  Dennings Point, Beacon MR60 RM60 Christopher Street Pier 45 - Wallerstein RM 2.5 RM 2.5
  Kowawese, New Windsor RM58 RM58 River Project, Pier 40 RM2 RM2
  Donahue Memorial Park RM57 RM57 Harbor School , Pier 40 RM2 RM2
  Little Stony Point, Cold Spring RM55


Gantry Plaza East River RM4.5 East River RM4.5
  Garrison Landing RM53 RM53 Newtown Creek East River RM4E

East River RM4E

  Steamboat Landing, Verplanck RM41 RM41

Solar One, East River

East River RM4W East River RM4W
  Croton Point Park

RM35 *xls

RM35 Lower East Side Ecology Center, East River

East River RM1W

East River RM1W

  Ossining RM32 RM32 Schooner Pioneer Harbor & ER Harbor & ER
  Nyack Beach, Hook Mountain Park - Blue Rock





Southstreet Seaport ER 0.5 ER 0.5
  Nyack Beach, Hook Mountain Park - Nyack MS RM31 RM31 Fort Wadsworth, Harbor, Verrazano Bridge Fort Wadsworth Fort Wadsworth
  Summit Beach RM30.5 RM30.5 Canarsie Park Jamaica Bay Jamaica Bay
  Nyack Memorial Beach RM28 RM28 Brighton Beach NY Bight NY Bight
  Mathiessen Park, Irvington RM25E RM25E Breezy Point, Rockaway Queens Breezy Point Breezy Point
  Piermont Pier


Phragmites Study


Phragmites Study


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